Multi-City Centre Hotel Offers & Holiday Deals

Fantastic deals on multi-city centre holiday getaways

Can’t decide on one particular location for your next holiday? Why not visit them all?! A multi-centre holiday allows you to combine two or more destinations into a single trip. Discover vibrant cities, visit iconic historical sites or lounge on a picture-perfect beach. If you’re not a lover of flying, then a multi-centre holiday is for you. Break up those long flights by stopping over and exploring some beautiful destinations. One day you might be enjoying a guided tour through the jungle and the next you might be sinking your toes into the Maldives sand. The excitement never ends. Combine the luxurious beaches of Thailand with a backpacking trip in Vietnam, guided safari tours in Tanzania with a relaxing stay in Zanzibar and much more! Or why not just island hop in one destination? Create the perfect trip in the Caribbean by snorkelling in Barbados one day to dining in St Lucia the next. Forget the stress of making up your mind on where to go and take yourself on a multi-centre holiday. See more and do more at the best value. We have low-cost multi-centre holidays to help you make the most out of your next holiday.