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Tank Driving Taster - Special Offer
Hotel not included, Oxfordshire

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Embrace the power as you take control of a 15 ton tank! A 6.5 litre Rolls Royce and full armour allows the beast that is the FV432 to muscle its way anywhere you want. However, no matter how many battle movies youve watched, youre going to need a bit of training before you can handle the incredible speed of the tank. Youll receive expert tuition in the lightweight Argocat 8x8 to ensure youre comfortable with the controls and youll be kitted out in the perfect outfit before making your way to the drivers seat!

Youll be greeted at the SWB Motorsoprt venue where youll start the day with a safety briefing. After this youll be given some appropriate clothing for your experience and some tuition in the lightweight Argocat 8x8 before taking on the FV432 tank.
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  • Drive 2 cars

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