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30 Minute Microlight Flight in Portadown
Hotel not included, County Armagh

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With an experienced flight instructorguiding you throughout your flight, you will have an incredible flying experience and learn about microlights in the process! The pilot will give you a rundown of what microlighting is about and will show you what the aircraft is capable of - then you have hands-on control of the vehicle! The microlights are superb quality with predictable handling and great performance. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a good look at the world from high above.

Upon arrival at the airfield you will be introduced to your flight instructor. Then you will have a full briefing session where you will learn about the aircraft and how it works, as well as the opportunity to ask any questions about the microlight, the airfield or flying. Take a seat in the cockpit and check that youre comfortable - all equipment will be provided on the day. The instructor will taxi the aircraft to the runway and run through the controls in the cockpit. Then theres a final safety check and its take off time! Once airborne, the control will be passed over and you are free to fly the aircraft for as long as you want (within the lesson time). If you choose not to fly then sit back, relax and watch the countryside roll away beneath you. Flight time is 30 minutes.
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