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Nissan GTR Driving Thrill at Oulton Park - Special Offer
Hotel not included, Cheshire

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Jeremy Clarkson once referred to the Nissan GTR as the second best car in the world, and by all accounts, it makes sense. Featured in hundreds of films, books, series and videogames, this epic supercar has a groundbreaking top speed of 193mph and boasts 494bhp; this experience for one will let you feel the rush of raw power as you take it for a six-mile drive around the magnificent countryside track at Oulton Park. This venue regularly hosts race championships including the GT Championship and F3 Cup; its turns and straights are sufficiently challenging to require you to think when driving, but not so much as to terrify you. Once you arrive at Oulton Park, staff will be waiting to welcome and introduce you; a short safety brief will follow, and a four-mile passenger ride to help you get to know the track. Then its time for you to drive this fabulous car, and once youre finished, youll get a certificate to commemorate your experience.

This exciting experience is available at the world-famous Oulton Park circuit and is the perfect treat for anyone with a need for speed! Upon arrival at this iconic location you will be met by an instructor who will give you a full safety briefing to prepare you for the drive of your life. After an instructor-driven familiarisation lap, including an overview of best practice techniques, you will drive the fantastic Nissan GTR for six thrilling miles! At the end of the experience you will receive a certificate as a memento of your driving day
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