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Half Day Shared Off Road Driving Experience in Kent
Hotel not included, Kent

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This 4x4 course is your opportunity to receive advanced instruction in the techniques of off road driving. Mud and water, ruts, climbs and descents are yours to traverse, accompanied by intensive expert tuition in negotiating this challenging environment. A thrillingly wild and challenging driving experience that is sure not to be forgotten, this is your chance to take on the dirt and push your driving skills to the limit in a challenging environment!

First up is a thorough briefing on the features of a 4x4 and how these affect its off-road ability, checks to be carried out, maintenance to be performed and how to plan and assess a route. Then its over to the vehicle for a familiarisation and a demonstration of the 4x4 over rough terrain. After this its your turn to head out on the trail! You will be shown more advanced techniques and will have plenty of time to fully get to grips with these. Your experience will be shared with two other drivers and will last approximately three hours.
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