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Dragster Experience
Hotel not included, Northamptonshire

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Location & Things to do
A half day course which you will never, ever forget. You will perform the legendary burnout, learning its importance, warming the rear tyres to produce the grip essential for a racecar of this power. Then comes a series of laps in the Drag Racecar, and after each lap you will be debriefed, then you can feed the racecar more power, all at your own pace. Your experience may even culminate in a full power pass on the last lap.

The experience begins with a briefing andsafety talk, during whichyou must fill out the necessary consent forms. Then you will be kitted out with your racesuit. Next follows your passes in the Drag Racecar, with a debriefing after each lap. You will drive either Grumpy s Dodge or Chevy Vega Pick-up. The cars drive at up to 130mph, taking 10 seconds to complete the quarter of a mile track.You will be sent acertificate via by post.
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