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Birds of Prey Day in North Yorkshire
Hotel not included, North Yorkshire

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Location & Things to do
The centre will supply top level teaching by an experienced instructor to ensure you get the most from your experience, you willbe taught about the history of falconry and have the opportunity to ask any questions concerning birds of prey.You will take the birds into the woods and fields close by to the school where you will be flying them under expert supervision, by the end of the day you will be flying birds from your glove to a tree and back!

Your experience will start with tea and coffee and a brief introduction into the centre and birds of prey. You will then be learning the basics of how to fly and handle these magnificent birds, within a short time you will be flying a hawk, buzzard or owl in the neighbouring woods and fields. There will be plenty of opportunities for pictures and you can ask any questions you may have concerning the birds and the falconry at any time during the course. Your experience will last for approximately 6 hours, the supplier will provide a lunch for you on the day.
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