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Half Day Cupcake Making Course at Brompton Cookery School
Hotel not included, Shropshire

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Learn how to make a great cupcake in this fantastic introductory class.Make a tasty mixture and transform it into deliciouscupcakes using a variety of different flavourings. Youll also learn how to decorate them using simple but incredibly effective technique.This practical cookery course will include a cup of coffee and a light two course lunch - and of course you get to take home your magnificent cupcakes to show your friends and family!

In this fantastic 5 hour cookery lesson youll learn how to make a great cupcake mix, tranform it into delicious cupcakes using different flavourings and decorate them beautifully - all under the guidance of a friendly, experienced and helpful instructor. Upon arrival you can enjoy a cup of coffee and during the course of the day youll settle down to a light two course lunch. After the class you can take your tasty treats home to enjoy with friends and family at your leisure.

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