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Tea Tasting For Two with Master Tea Blender Alex Probyn
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Book a tea tasting for two and a pair of people can enjoy a fascinating journey into the story of tea. Master Blender Alex Probyn tells you all about the story of tea, its history, how its made and most importantly, how it tastes! You will get the chance to taste 20 different blends of tea and put your tea tasting skills to the test.

Your experience will start with an introduction to your master tea blender, who will give you a history lesson about tea and its origins. Then its on to the important part of tasting different blends including; green, oolong, white, black, herbal and other teas of the world. During the tasting youll also learn the art of slurping and spitting. Finally you will end the experience by creating your very own blend each, details of which will be then blended back at the office and posted to you in a resealable bag with a bespoke label.

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