Are you set to travel or wanting to plan your next trip but worried about the Coronavirus (COVID-2019) outbreak? As Coronavirus is deemed as contagious many of you are concerned and do not know whether it is safe to travel or not? Here’s our best advice on what you should do if you’re heading abroad on holiday.


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What is Coronavirus and how does it spread?

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease similar to the common cold/flu. However, in worst cases the infection can cause pneumonia, particularly in older people or those with a weak immune system. There are currently no vaccinations for the Coronavirus and doctors will advise that the infection should be treated the same way as a cold.


Symtoms of Coronavirus

Symtoms are similar to those of a cold/flu and include:

Runny nose

A cough




Body aches


What should I do if I think I have coronavirus?

If you think you have been affected by corona virus please call the NHS 111 phone service. Do NOT go to your local GP or A&E in case of it spreading further. You will be advised to self – isolate and a doctor or nurse with visit you for further tests.



Is it safe to travel because of Coronavirus?

Yes, you can definitely still go as planned and enjoy the holiday you’ve been looking forward to. Travellers are at very low risk of getting Coronavirus, unless you’ve planned to visit mainland China. If you are still concerned about how Coronavirus may affect your trip it’s best to talk to the airline or travel company you booked with.

The only area the government has expressed to avoid completely is Hubei, a landlocked province in Central China and where the virus first appeared. Travel to the rest of mainland China, Asia and South Korea is also not advised and officials may deny entry. British Airways has suspended all flights to and from mainland China and the country itself has shut part of the Great Wall and suspended public transport in 10 cities.


Some facts to put your mind at ease on Coronavirus (as of 3rd March 2020):

80,000 people are infected with Coronavirus.

77,000 of those people are in China – this is 96% of total people effected!

81% of cases have been mild.

14% of the cases are moderate.

Only 5% of the cases are life-threatening.

Plus, the death rate for people under 50 years old is only 0.2%.


Still worried? Mosquitoes kill over 700,000 people every year, humans kill 1,300 other humans every day and snakes kill 137 people every day.


Can I cancel my flights or holiday package if I later become too worried?

Yes, you are free to cancel your holiday or flights if you wish too. Refunds depend on the airline, travel company and insurer but some companies are allowing people to rebook at a later date. If you have planned to travel to one of the areas the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against then you’re likely to be able to get your money back from the company you booked with.


I have a holiday booked in the future, what if that area becomes affected by Coronavirus?

If the destination you’re travelling to becomes infected with Coronavirus and the FCO advises against travelling there then your travel company should get in touch to discuss what should happen. They may suggest an alternative area to stay or a later date to travel. However, you don’t have to accept any offers and can claim a full refund.


What if the holiday supplier I have booked with collapses as a result of Coronavirus, am I protected?

Package holidays in the UK must have ATOL protection by law. This allows you to be covered and not lose any money if you become stranded abroad or if your travel company collapses. If you have plans to travel and the holiday supplier collapses, you will receive a refund and you will be able to get home. Please make sure when booking your holidays that you always book with an ATOL protected company to make sure that you are fully protected should anything happen.


Countries with NO reported cases of Coronavirus (as of 3rd March 2020):

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Cyprus (browse deals)

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Malta (browse deals)

Hungary (browse deals)


Don’t let Coronavirus stop you from treating yourself to a well-deserved break. It is still safe to travel, plus, you might miss out on a fantastic deal you won’t be able to get again!

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