Expect pastel shades and bright colours in a place which becomes a real-life painting. From art-filled cities to stunning coastal towns, Italy is definitely easy on the eye wherever you go. Here’s our list of Italy‘s most beautiful places known for their vibrant colours.



Widely known as one of the most photogenic and picturesque towns in Italy, Positano is a beautiful resort located south of the Almalfi Coast. Be prepared to fall in love with the luxurious hotels surrounded by colourful flowers and breathtaking views you’d usually only see on a postcard. Positano is a very popular destination for a romantic couples getaway as well as families and groups looking for exciting day tours. However, although it’s the most popular resort on the Amalfi Coast, it is also the most expensive.



Seeing between 26 million and 30 million visitors per year, Venice is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Otherwise known as “The Floating City”, “The City of Bridges” or “The City of Canals”, this beautiful city is bursting with history and romance. Venice can be expensive but you can travel on a budget if you don’t fall into the tourist traps. There are no cars on the island making it the perfect city to save travel expenses and explore by foot. Winter months are also much cheaper than the summer months, however, there is a risk of high water/flooding to consider.

Top Tip: If you’re thinking of taking a gondola ride along Venice’s iconic canals agree the price before you set off so you don’t get any extra surprises on the way.


Cinque Terre

A Unesco World Heritage Site since 1997, these five fishing villages perched high on the Italian Riveira coastline are only accessible by rail, water or foot. Drawing in 2.4 million visitors a year, Cinque Terre is a traveller’s dream location, boasting pastel-painted houses contrasting against turquoise waters. The scenic hiking trails between each village will take you past many vineyards and picture perfect spots along the way. The villages are Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore and are each very beautiful and have their own unique character.


Procida Island

Procida is one of Italy‘s best-kept secrets and the smallest island in the Bay of Naples. Perfect for those looking for less tourists and to get a real taste of Italian living, Procida is also a lot less expensive than it’s neighbours Capri and Ischia. Once you arrive you’ll soon realise why people often refer to the island as a ‘hidden gem’ when you’re blessed with a vision of colourful homes, picturesque villages and stunning sea views. Procida is sometimes called “the island of fishermen” since for many years fishing has been the main income for the population.


Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the most popular and largest of Italy’s lakes surrounded by rugged mountains and luxury waterside hotels. Located midway between Milan and Venice, you’ll find 15 towns all well-connected by buses and ferries so you can explore your way around the lake very easily. The shoreline of Lake Garda stretches 90 miles and is known for being a little windy making watersports a firm favourite. Or if you’d prefer a more relaxing break there are plenty of opportunities to sit back with a Spritz watching the sun setting over the lake.


If you’re a fan of romantic clifftop towns, historical cities and postcard-perfect scenery, you’ll be sorted on a holiday to Italy.

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