Virgin Voyages’, Richard Branson’s latest addition to the travel industry is officially open for business. A new adults-only cruise ship called the ‘Scarlet Lady’ has passed all it’s tests and is due to set sail in April 2020. The ship will sail to Florida, Mexico, Cuba and some Caribbean Islands, accommodating 2770 passengers and 1150 staff members along the way. The cost of a trip on the ‘Scarlet Lady’ will be from around £765 per person for five nights. However, if you’re looking for an even more luxurious stay in one of the RockStar Suites you can expect to be paying up to £22,000 for the top deck Massive Suite.



What’s expected on the ‘Scarlet Lady’?

A ship which only allows 18 years +, the ‘Scarlet Lady’ is complete with a tattoo parlour, an outdoor gym, drag brunches, vegan menus, a boxing gym and much more. There will be festival-style entertainment and comedy shows you can watch whilst having your dinner. Branson has steered away from the traditional singing and dancing West End entertainment and opted for something a bit different for his new style of modern cruises. If you’re seeking a more relaxing trip ‘The Athletic Club’ at the back of the ship should be taken full advantage of. This is a 220 square foot area which includes a triangular catamaran net which can fit up to 40 people to sunbathe on it. Food on the ship does not disappoint. There are 20 eateries on-board which are all included in the price of your stay. There is also a spa which offers sea views for ultimate relaxation.


Differences of the ‘Scarlet Lady’ to a normal cruise:

No more food buffets – The new Virgin Voyage ships will have food halls and restaurants because it is said that buffets waste too much food. By serving food to order Branson believes it will reduce food waste.

You won’t need to tip the staff on-board – Staff wages have been set above average to take off the pressure to budget for tips.

Smaller passenger capacity – Usually cruises can carry around 6,000 passengers but the ‘Scarlet Lady’ will accommodate just 2770 sailors for a more relaxing and uncrowded experience.

More environmentally friendly – ‘Scarlet Lady’ has a fuel-efficient hull and cabins will automatically be able to sense when they are not being occupied so lights and air con will switch off.

Plastic ban on-board and passengers will also be provided with a ‘sea-friendly’ sun-cream – the sun-cream will be clear of all chemicals so if leaked into the water system sea life will not be destroyed.



Why go on a cruise holiday?

Cruise holidays are generally loved by people who have experienced them but brushed aside by people who like to stick with what they know. If you’re unsure about a cruise holiday let us guide you with some of the reasons they have become the fastest growing sector of the travel trade.


You get to visit more than one destination – You will see alot in a short space of time without having to pay to travel each destination individually.

You can choose the type of holiday you want – Whether you want to relax or get involved in all the activities, your holiday is how you make it but the facilities are all right in front of you.

You can test destinations – You can almost sample a place and decide whether it’s worth returning for a longer trip or if you wouldn’t go back.

Good value to experience places you wouldn’t usually visit – all for the price of one!

Fresh air! – Travelling in a stuffy car or a cramped plane is some people’s worst part about a trip. Travel to different destinations whilst relaxing from the deck and admiring the stunning views.

Variety of dining choice – Whether you want a casual dinner or somewhere to dress up, cruises provide a variety of dining options. There are buffets, steakhouses, pizzerias, dessert parlours and lots more!

Dozens of on-board facilities and entertainment – Cruises are packed with on-board entertainment for both day and night and for all ages.


Will you be stepping aboard the ‘Scarlet Lady’? Virgin Voyages’ have also revealed a second ship is scheduled to set sail in May 2021 across the Meditterranean called ‘Valiant Lady’. Don’t miss out on the new generation of cruises!


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