Hallstatt, an Austrian village with a population of just 780 people, is being crowded by thousands of visitors daily after being the inspiration for the fairytale town in the popular Disney movie Frozen. The small village sees up to 10,000 tourists a day and has even become one of the ‘most instagrammable towns in the world’.



The Mayor is begging fans to stay away and is becoming increasingly worried since Frozen II has been released in November 2019. The lakeside village which was once peaceful now thousands of visitors flying drones, taking pictures and even invading residents privacy daily. Hallstatt is now seeing six times the amount of visitors Venice gets.



In conclusion the Mayor is seeking ways to monitor the number of tourists by reducing the number of tourist buses by a third to 20,000 a year. However, not everyone agrees that the crowds are a bad thing. Hotel rooms now cost between €300-€400 and to use the public toilet it costs €1 which is being used by 4,000 every day.