Ever come across those Instagram accounts that make you think ‘I wish I was there’? Travel influencers really do make you want to add a million things to your bucketlist. Feeling adventurous? Inspire yourself with our top 5 travel influencers.


@brodiemoss (& @strydamoss)

Instagram followers – 346k


A former electrician @brodiemoss (otherwise known as Youngbloods) is an Australian travel influencer best known for posting his lifestyle with his dog @stryamoss. Expect to see him exploring, camping, fishing and diving in Australia. He also goes nearly everywhere with his dog (even on jet skis) which recently made headlines. The popular social media star had to rescue his dog Stryda after he jumped overboard and nearly got eaten by sharks! Watch the video here

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Instagram followers – 3.5 million


@chrisburkard is an American photographer and artist based in Central Coast California who captures spectacular photographs from around the world. His work is based on lifestyle, outdoors, surfing, landscapes and anything travel related. He often travels to remote and risky places to post content never seen before which has contributed to making him one of the most successful travel photographers there is.

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@izkiz (Jennifer Tuffen)

Instagram followers – 2.8 million


Originally born in England but raised in Amsterdam, @izkiz is a travel influencer, photographer and content creator. Her travel blog was created 6 years ago and since then she has gained nearly 3 million instagram followers and created her very own photo-editing app called izkiz Cam. @izkiz is best known for her vibrant, colourful pictures and uplifting personality.

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Followers – 1.9 million


@thebucketlistfamily became social media sensations after dad, Garrett Gee sold his mobile-scanning app (Scan) to Snapchat for $54 million making him able to take his family travelling around the world. Jessica and Garrett Gee have now taken themselves and their 3 children to 65 countries in 3 years blogging it all along the way. From blogging and influencing they now have enough income to support their travels. Expect fantastic family pictures from all around the world.

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@tuulavintage (Jessica Stein)

Instagram followers – 2.4 million


@tuulavintage, otherwise known as Jessica Stein, is a successful travel blogger and clothing line owner raising money for her sick daughter who was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder known as Mosaic Trisomy 2. Since sharing the story of her daughter on social media she has managed to raise £151,000 whilst also trying to explore as much as the world as possible with her husband. Follow her journey today!

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