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Discover a place you’d only envision in your dreams. Santorini really is picture perfect, offering white-washed buildings, breathtaking sunset views and pretty villages. But it’s not just it’s beauty which makes it so popular. There are an abundance of things to do, (apart from just relaxing!) which draw tourists back year after year.



With it’s Mediterranean climate of mild winters and hot summers you are sure to have a memorable holiday experience. Beautiful weather is a promise during the summer months (and even up until October) where you’ll find temperatures vary between 25-35 degrees. The hottest days of Summer can even reach up to 40 degrees! There’s nothing worse than saving for a summer holiday and not getting the weather you’ve been waiting for. So, what’s better than visiting somewhere with one of the most predicable weather forecasts! With little rain to never worry about, it’s no wonder why this picture-perfect place is so popular.


  • Winter months (December, January, February) – no snow, mild temperature, little rain
  • Spring months (March, April, May) – sunny days, little rain
  • Summer months (June, July, August) – HOT HOT HOT! No rain
  • Autumn months (September, October, November) – sunny days, similar weather to Spain or Portugal in the summer


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Surrounded by 360 degrees views of beauty is even better when sipping a glass of award-winning wine. Santorini’s volcanic landscape and soil combined with it’s low level of rainfall makes it the perfect destination for delicious home-grown food and wine. Take a visit to a vineyard and taste the true flavour of Santorini. The wineries are scattered all over the countryside which you can visit by yourself or with a tour guide. Along with the fabulous wine comes fabulous food. From bbq dinners to street food, romantic restaurants to seafood tavernas, the choice is yours. You can either go luxurious on fine dining with breathtaking sea views or traditional at local tavernas which are reasonably priced. Your holiday can be how you make it.


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Aside from the food and wine tours there is plenty of other things to do on this beautiful island. You definitely cannot leave without admiring the famous sunset in Ohio. One of the most iconic settings which can get very busy in the peak months, yet its clear why. Whether you’re watching the sun go down from the town or whilst you’re sharing a romantic dinner, it’ll be an experience you won’t forget. Or, if you’d prefer to get stuck into something more energetic then there are many different hikes to tire yourself out with. Hop on a boat and head over to Nea Kameni island to start your hike to the top of Santorini Volcano. Your boat ride there may even stop off for a chance for you to jump into the hot springs. And for the adrenaline junkies who want to see the most out of the island then what better way to explore than by hiring a quad bike? It’s cost friendly plus, you only need a standard license.


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So, there is definitely a lot more that meets the eye. People don’t just visit Santorini for the white villages you see dotted around on many postcards and desktop screens, but also for the delicious food, promising sunshine and fun in the sun.

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