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Culture takes on many different forms, whether it’s the arts in Rome or the Acropolis hill of Athens, you will always find yourself immersed in the beautiful unknown of a vast multitude of cities. Here are four holidays that we think will deliver culture at it’s finest.



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Outstanding architecture and historic art are what allowed Venice to be the cultural city it is  today. The world renowned Piazza San Marco has served as the center of Venice for centuries, with many of Venice’s other famous landmarks, such as the Basilica San Marco and the St Mark’s Square Clock Tower located within it. The architecture and atmosphere will make you forget the crowds and just marvel at the cities beauty, night or day. We have exclusive travel deals to Venice starting from just £99pp!

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Whether you decide to explore the historic, arty or fashion-conscious side of Paris, you will not be disappointed.  From taking a stroll along the River Seine to climbing the Eiffel Tower, the City of Light doesn’t disappoint. If you wish to appreciate the more arty side of Paris, the Louvre and the Musée National d’Art Moderne showcase some of  the most impressive masterpieces and artifacts, while the Opéra Garnier is definitely worth a visit if you wish to see  some classic ballet or opera. Discover the very best of Paris at a price which excites you.

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Granda majestically rises from a plain onto threes hills, surrounded by the Sierra Nevada. The Alhambra and the tomb of the Catholic Monarchs are the pride of Granada. A lesser-known building but definitely one to visit would be the Cartuja Monastery. Elaborate paintings will be everywhere you look. Make sure to visit the little shop just outside the monastery as they sell jasmine Rosary beads which are made by rolling flower petals together by hand, something which is only done by the convent nuns in Spain. Find your perfect Spanish break at a price so low, you’ll think it’s a mistake!

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In 2001, Porto shared the title of European Culture Capital and it’s not hard to see why. Festivals such as St.John and Queima das Fitas are among the highly popular music events within the city, so be sure to attend at least one of them. Porto also has a long tradition in art and athletics, to which it’s home to FC Porto. Dive into the culture in Portugal at an affordable price.

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If you crave culture and feel inspired to explore some of these beautiful cities then why not take a look at our latest holiday deals that are sure to save you a couple of pounds and have you jetting off in no time!

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