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With around 6000 Greek islands to choose from you might find it difficult in knowing which one will suit your next holiday. We’ve rounded up the 6 most most popular destinations to help you decide where you’ll be heading of to. With our help, you can enjoy your next holiday to Greece at an affordable price. But first, which destination suits you?



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Santorini is definitely the type of place you see on a postcard. The whitewashed buildings with bright blue rooftops make it clear why this island is so strikingly beautiful. Overlooking the crystal-clear waters, it really is the type of place you’d envision in your dreams. If you’re looking for a luxury holiday which is picture perfect then Santorini is definitely the place for you. We have exclusive travel deals to Santorini so that you can experience a luxury getaway at a price which suits you.


Best to go to Santorini if…

You’re planning a honeymoon

You want a romantic getaway

You are a luxury traveller



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As the largest of the Greek islands, Crete offers something for all tastes and budgets. Bathed in sunshine most of the year, it offers a variety of things to see and do. From sandy beach breaks to vibrant party getaways or even exciting hiking trips, every corner of the island has a story to tell. For a water sport enthusiast there are plenty of beaches to get stuck into or just relax upon, making it the perfect destination for an all-rounder. Discover the best of Crete at an affordable price with us today.


Best to go to Crete if…

You want a beach holiday

You are a lover of history

You love outdoor activities



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A popular destination for a family getaway, Corfu offers pristine beaches, fascinating architecture and a perfect balance between a laid-back atmosphere and a lively nightlife. There are plenty of activities on offer to keep the kids entertained such as swishing down the slides at the waterparks or spotting tropical fish on the glass bottom boats. If picturesque villages, crystal clear waters and a touch of history sounds like your ideal holiday then Corfu is the place for you. Find that unforgettable family holiday with our latest travel deals which will leave you believing the price is so low it must be a mistake!


Best to go to Corfu if…

To keep the children entertained

If you’re looking for an all-round great holiday

If you want a beach break



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Party ’til dawn in Mykonos. Whether you’re just visiting for a short break or planning a weeks holiday, this island is sure to cater for you. Known for the iconic white-washed buildings like Santorini, Mykonos has an abumdance of white sandy beaches, an epic party scene and various gourmet restaurants. If you’re looking for a party holiday or a luxury getaway then Mykonos is for you. Experience a holiday like a celebrity with us at an unbelievable price, and if you’re lucky you may even spot a few famous faces!


Best to go to Mykonos if…

If you want a luxury escape with great nightlife

If you’re looking for beach break

If you want to do some island hopping



Whether you’re a beach person, a mountain climber or a party lover, Kos can be the holiday destination for you this year. Excellent beaches, fascinating history, and vibrant nightlife bring in floods of families, couples and groups every year. Whether you’re looking to explore the ancient history, take your kids to the Lido waterpark or get stuck in with the watersports on the many miles of beach coastline, there is definitely something for you here. Kos is an all-round destination so no matter what you’re specifically looking for, you’ll find it. If this sounds like the destination for you then find your perfect travel deal with us. You won’t be disappointed.


Best to go to Kos if…

If you’re a culture vulture who likes to explore ancient cities

If you’re looking for great nightlife

To discover beaches to die for


After figuring out which Greek island suits you, you’ll want to find an affordable deal right? We handpick the best travel offers you won’t want to miss. Search our latest offers and get ready to pack your bags for these deals to Greece which are too good to let go.

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