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What’s your ideal holiday? Whether you love a luxury 5* escape or a short city break there’s a holiday which suits you. Discover what kind of traveller you are so you can plan your perfect getaway.


Luxury Traveller

If water bungalows in the Maldives or living like royalty at the Burj Al Arab sound like something you’d book when looking to go away then you’re definitely the luxury traveller. You expect high-end hotels and Michelin star restaurants. You’d typically be found in places you’d only envision in your dreams such as Bora Bora. Finding the best deals isn’t too much of a worry and the budget never really exists. For a city break you love Paris where you can wake up overlooking the statuesque Eiffel Tower, the perfect setting to enjoy breakfast with a view.


Where to go? Dubai

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From the magnificent skylines to the breathtaking stretches of white sand, Dubai stays top as one of the world’s most luxurious destinations. Known as ‘The City of Gold’ discover a place where everything is bigger and better. You might be thinking this must be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Stay in luxury for less when you search through our latest holiday deals to Dubai.

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Cultural Traveller

You choose cultural experiences such as cooking in a Tuscan kitchen over shopping at the Dubai Mall any day. You often go away with a plan of what you’re doing and will know a lot about the tradition beforehand. You’re willing to try any type of food whether that’s Tuna eyeballs in Japan or crispy tarantulas in Cambodia. You will do anything to experience life within foreign culture rather than visiting as a temporary visitor. Travelling solo or with others, you are extremely social and can never wait to get stuck into learning new things.


Where to go? Marrakech

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If you want a traditional unique experience where you can truly dive into the culture then staying in a Moroccan riad is for you. Stay in the heart of the city making it the perfect place for you to explore. Riads are all decorated with intricate Moroccan architecture and offer delicious authentic food. You won’t live like a local anywhere better. You’ll also find many beautiful hotels at a low-cost which may not be in the centre of the action but still only a walking distance away. Discover the best of Marrakech at an affordable price with us today.

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Backpack Traveller

For you, everyday is a new adventure and it’s completely normal to get lost. You don’t leave home without your GoPro and you care little about staying in luxury hotels but more about making the most of your trip on a budget.  You could be sleeping in tents on the beach or hitchhiking around the world. You don’t necessarily have to have a plan of action. Most commonly popular with students who have just graduated, backpacking is a great way to escape for a long period of time, explore different parts of the world and meet new friends. Don’t forget your earplugs because you’ll definitely need them when you’re in a shared dorm surrounded by new people who might snore!


Where to go? Thailand

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You won’t find a more budget-friendly destination offering so much diversity other than Thailand. Discover white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters as well as an epic party scene and tropical jungles. If you’re a young traveller thinking about backpacking in Thailand then you’ll probably know about the Full Moon parties. Taking place once a month in Koh Phangen, a trip to Thailand would be incomplete without attending. And if partying isn’t your thing then you can still explore through the immense jungles. Book your trip to backpack your way through Thailand today at a price which won’t disappoint.

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Family Traveller

You may all be travelling together but it’s mainly the kids who lead the way. Waterparks one day, splashing in the pool the next, your holiday is always on the go. You never leave home without an iPad for the children and you bring multiple books that you know you won’t have any spare time to read anyway. Even if you’re hoping for a relaxing break the most important thing to you is ensuring the whole family have fun.


Where to go? Majorca

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Located just over 2 hours away (from the UK), Majorca is ideal for a family holiday. Providing non-stop activities, Majorca continues to be a popular destination to soak up the sun whilst always keeping entertained. Being the largest island in the Balearics you have an endless array of activities from waterparks to aquariums, to beaches and watersports. There are many family-friendly hotels offering children’s clubs to free up some time for you to have a peaceful sunbathe as well. We offer exclusive travel deals on a range of handpicked family hotels in Majorca, designed to ensure that people of all ages enjoy their stay.

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The Weekend Traveller

You’re a spontaneous traveller who doesn’t mind finding a last minute travel deal and jetting off for the weekend. You enjoy short and sweet city breaks either for relaxation or packing it all in over a course of 3 days. From the architecture to the restaurants, to shopping and the bars, you like everything about city life. And it’s even better when there’s a beach too. As long as the fight is short haul you’re easy with where to go. Weekend travelling is a great way to travel more frequently, visit more places and experience more in less time.


Where to go? Barcelona

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A common favourite for a weekend break. Barcelona is a city bursting with famous art, excellent shopping experiences and sandy beaches. Las Ramblas is one of Barcelona’s most visited areas, a vibrant area full of entertainment which stretches for approximately 1.2km. Be sure to visit Sagrada Família, the city’s greatest and most famous work designed by Antoni Gaudi. If you’re considering a quick trip to Barcelona, don’t delay and choose from our many hotel deals. Head off and make some memories at a price you can afford.

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Now you’ve figured out what kind of traveller you are why not find the perfect holiday at a price too good to let go. Find your ideal getaway at the lowest cost with us today.

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