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Excited for your next trip but dreading getting through that long flight? Spending hours in a cramped aircraft can make you feel drained and miserable but there are many ways to make it as comfortable as possible. Ensure your flight is relaxing and enjoyable by following our top tips for surviving a long-haul flight.




Wear comfortable clothes

Whether you’re sitting on the plane for 1 hour or 10 hours, you’ll want to be comfortable. You’ll be sitting still with little room so tight jeans, stiff shirts and clumpy shoes aren’t the wisest of ideas. It’s always good to remember that with the air-con it can get chilly so wearing layers are ideal to be able to adjust your temperature.


Prepare your body

Spend some time exercising the day before you fly baring in mind you’ll be sitting still for so many hours the next day. It’s best not to fight sleep as this may backfire leaving you exhausted.


Reserve a good seat

Think ahead and choose a good seat. If you want more leg room or like to move around then choose an aisle row seat so you can stretch out your legs or get up without disturbing anyone else. Unless you pay extra, you might not always get lucky in bagging an aisle seat but you can try to avoid the bulkhead seats. These are the seats near the front of each section and often where parents with young babies will sit.


Pack your essentials in your hand luggage

Aeroplane food doesn’t satisfy everyone so its always best to purchase any snacks beforehand for the flight. You might want to get some sleep or at least try and neck pillows, earplugs, and eye masks will make this easier. Make sure all your gadgets are charged up to keep you entertained throughout the flight. Consider downloading new music, films or series so that time goes quicker. Pack some mini toiletries such as a toothbrush and toothpaste so that you’ll be able to freshen up throughout the flight and feel as comfortable as possible.

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During the flight:


Stay hydrated

The most important thing to remember whilst travelling is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water regularly as it can get stuffy spending so many hours with so many people in an aircraft. Cabin crew will always provide water if you ask or it might just be easier to purchase a bottle before you board. You may find your skin gets quite dry so bringing a small tube of moisturiser will definitely make your journey more relaxing.


Move around the plane

Stretching your legs not only refreshes you but it also prevents the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. This is where your blood clots in the body’s deep veins so its important to keep your blood circulating. Schedule to get up every few hours or exercise whilst you’re seated. You could do ankle circles or foot lifts which will all help to keep your blood flowing. You might also get the chance to meet new friends as you are wandering around.



Forget about your worries and look forward to enjoying your holiday. Appreciate the peace away from your mobile phone,  get stuck into a few movies and just relax!

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