If you’re planning a holiday and thinking about where to stay, then you are probably deciding on what hotel to book, but with so much choice at your fingertips, choosing the right hotel can feel a little overwhelming.  Of course price is always a main consideration when choosing a hotel and whether you are looking for cheap holiday deals, or you have decided to treat yourself to a luxury break, the amount you want to spend will affect the hotel you choose.  However, there are other important factors you need to think about too, as depending on what your priorities are, the most expensive hotel room will not necessarily be the best hotel room for you.

Research your location

It’s definitely worth doing your research about the location of your hotel as this will make a huge difference to your holiday. For example, what is the maximum time you are willing to travel from the airport to the hotel? If you are planning a lively weekend away with friends then perhaps you will want to be within easy reach of bars, restaurants and busy nightlife or maybe you are hoping for peace and quiet and beautiful views? Are there particular tourist attractions you want to visit during your holiday? Do you want to be in walking distance of local amenities or will you need to use public transport?

How about amenities?

When you have narrowed down the location and you know your budget, the next thing to think about is the amenities you would like at the hotel.  For instance, if you’re not near a beach then you might want a hotel with a swimming pool.  Those who prefer to get off the beaten track won’t mind whether there is WiFi access but others will want to stay connected online. Or if a breakfast buffet is the highlight of your holiday then you need to make sure your hotel offers this service.

Family friendly or child-free?

The general ambience and atmosphere of the hotel you decide to stay in is also significant. After all, if you’re bringing the kids then you will want a family friendly hotel where children are welcome, but if you are planning a romantic break for two then you may prefer a more sophisticated hotel with a child-free environment.

Choosing the right hotel for your holiday can make or break your stay away from home, and a good hotel is likely to be something you will remember for a long time.