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Hot Towel Wet Shave from Carter and Bond
Hotel not included, Greater London

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Treat your face to the king of shaves: a hot towel, wet deluxe from the master barber at Carter and Bond of London. Youll be expertly prepped and shorn by the skilled hands of the capitals best, revealing a new, more handsome and visibly-chinned inner self. This, the closest of shaves, will leave you revitalised and eminently presentable, with a most gentlemanly countenance.

Carter and Bond believe their luxury wet shave to be the best in London. In the unique setting of this charming Barber & Shop in Notting Hill, their Master Barber begins by gently exfoliating the skin with a combination of scrub and cleanser before applying relaxing hot towels scented with citrus eau de cologne. A pre shave cream is then massaged into the beard before a profuse lather of shaving cream is worked in with a traditional badger hair brush. Not one, but two expert passes of an open razor blade are then performed to give an incredibly close but comfortable shave. A cold towel (optional) is then briefly applied to close the pores before a final enveloping layer of scented hot towels. Lastly a refreshing after shave balm is gently massaged into the skin to soothe and moisturize.

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