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Skid Control Driving Experience
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Education has never been this fun! You can enjoy an exciting thrill behind the wheel while learning valuable driving skills with this skid control experience. Youll receive expert tuition from a friendly and experienced instructor as you find out how skids occur, when they happen, the different types of skids and how to correct them. Youll learn all about skid avoidance and control, tackling front-wheel, rear-wheel and four-wheel skids, 180-degree recovery techniques, 360-degree spins, cadence braking and more.

Upon arrival you will be met by your friendly and experienced instructor who will give a full safety briefing before talking you through how skids occur, when they happen, the different types of skids and how to correct them. To put theory into practice the Instructor will then take you out on to the training facility and give a short demonstration on the three types of skids. Exercises will include hands-on training in emergency braking, understeer and oversteer and 180-degree recovery. Surface characteristics are recreated to emulate good dry conditions (weather permitting), summer rain, snow and black ice at speeds from 10mph to 50mph plus. You will then take the wheel and be put through a series of exercises which will enable you to have an understanding of how to react to an out of control situation. The session ends with a debriefing by the instructor.
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