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Introductory Flying Lesson in Cardiff
Hotel not included, Glamorganshire

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You can really get to grips with the unique sensation of flight with this 30 minute flying lesson. Youll have the unforgettable opportunity to command the cockpit of a two-seater aircraft, taking in breathtaking views as you soar over the beautiful Welsh landscape. Your expert instructor will show you everything you need to know to fly the plane, and youll be able to perform basic manoeuvres such as climbing, descending and turning.

This 30 minute flying lesson is ideal for anyone who has ever dreamed of soaring through the sky. On arrival at the aviation centre you will be met by your instructor for your lesson. You will start with a basic safety and techniques briefing to explain the effects of the controls - then its off to the cockpit of a fantastic 2 seater aircraft. The instructor will taxi the plane to the runaway and proceed with take off. Once in the air you will take control and master climbing, descending and turning as you cruise above the stunning Welsh landscape. After landing you will be presented with a certificate to commemorate this unforgettable experience.
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