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Extended Flying Lesson in West Sussex
Hotel not included, West Sussex

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a plane? This fantastic 60 minute flying lesson is your chance to find out! Youll be delighted as you coast through the air, taking control in the cockpit under the guidance of an experienced instructor. During your lesson youll learn basic manoeuvres such as climbing, descending and turning - this experience is sure to set your spirits soaring!

Upon arrival you will be met by your experienced and friendly instructor, who will give you a briefing on the principles of light aircraft flying. From there you will be taken to the aeroplane - a Cessna 150 - for a general familiarisation of the cockpit layout and a rundown of the controls. After this it s up, up and away for a 60 minute flight of a lifetime! Once you are in the air you will be able to take the controls and get the thrill of piloting the aircraft, performing basic flight maneouvres such as climbing, descending and turning.
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