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30 Minute Full Motion Jet Flight Simulator Experience
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This ultimate flight simulator experience will give you a taster of how real pilots are trained. You will visitone of the countrys top training centres for a full motion flight experience which will give you an idea of how to fly either a Boeing 747-400, Airbus A320-200 or Boeing 737-800 (depending on location). Your expert flight instructor will guide you through the experience, beginnning with an informative introduction session before you jump into this elite flight simulator! You will enjoy a 30 minute full motion flight before landing back on the ground for your pilot de-brief.

On arrival there will be a 30 minute pre-flight briefing, where you can ask any questions about the simulator. A fully qualified pilot instructor will then accompany you in the simulator. You will have a 30 minute full motion flight experience in the simulator. After your simulator experience there will be a flight de-brief where you will be able to discuss your flight simulation experience. Plane types include:Boeing 747-400 or 737-800Airbus A320-200There are plenty of options to choose from. You can do a basic flight over a short distance like flying from London Gatwick to London Heathrow or even try your hand at a few circuits at any airport of your choice to get as many take offs and landings in as you can! Why not even try your hand at a taking off and practicing some basic manoeuvres before doing a practice approach into the new Hong Kong International Airport, and then line yourself up for the landing of a life time flying the famous chequerboard approach for the Kai Tak challenge! On landing you will taxi to the gate and do all the after landing checks to get the aircraft ready for parking up and dropping your passengers off.

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