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Extended Flying Lesson in Carlisle
Hotel not included, Cumbria

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Location & Things to do
Nowhere is there a place more beautiful to learn to fly than Cumbria. With the Lake District in close proximity you are sure to enjoy some picturesque views as you soar through the sky. You will be flying a 2 seater Piper Tomahawk under close supervision of a highly qualified instructor. Whether this is the start of a new hobby or a once in a life time experience, it is sure to be an adventure you will never forget.

On arrival you will have a short briefing by an experienced, professional flying instructor. Then its time for the aircraft, you will be sat in the driving seat and the instructor will do some pre-flight checks and taxi the plane to the runway for take off. Once airborne you will be taught basic manoeuvres and controls to take control of the plane. The aircraft is fitted with dual control so the instructor can assist whenever necessary. You will be flying a 2 seater Piper Tomahawk. Family and friends are welcome to come along and watch you fly and take some pictures. The experience will last for approximately 60 minutes.
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