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Eagle Day in North Yorkshire
Hotel not included, North Yorkshire

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Location & Things to do
Experience the rare opportunity to get close to these magnificent creatures and learn more about each of them. Once you are confident with the birds you can progress on to actual handling and flying of the eagles. The types of eagles flown will depend on the time of year, but species include Golden Hybrids, American Bald Eagles, Russian Steppe Eagles and Mountain Hawk eagles. All the eagles fly free so remember to duck when you spot an eagle stooping straight towards you from a height of 1000ft!

Your experience starts with an introduction to all the birds of prey at the barn. Followed by instruction in the correct way to safely hold and carry different birds of Prey. Once you ve conquered the correct handling technique you will take part in a hawk walk, with different varieties of hawks starting with the smaller ones and working up to the larger hawks. After lunch you get to spend the afternoon flying all the different eagles at the barn. Due to the exclusivity of this experience there will be a maximum of 2 participants on the day.
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