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Gold Songmaker Pop Experience
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Heres your chance to prove your budding popstar status by recording your favourite song with YOU singing the vocals!! In this extended Gold experience, you will make a professional recording of TWO tracks, copies of which will be emailed to you after the experience. Use it for any occasion; just for fun, as a present for someone, or even for presenting a professional sounding demo to someone in the business! Will you be the next popstar!?

On arrival you will be greeted by one of the engineers who will assist you with recording your song. Once you are happy with the backing track, you will then go into the vocal booth and record your vocals. You can do this in sections to ensure the finished result is perfect. Once happy, you can then join the engineer at the mixing desk and add vocal effects, change the vocals volume and be as creative as you want. The track will then be Mastered and emailed to you after the experience.
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