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Make Your Own Wedding Rings
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Celebrate the union of two people in unique styleby designing and creating your own engagement or wedding rings. During thisamazing experience you will be guided and supportedthrough the entire process of creating a set of silver rings for each other by an experienced and friendly professional at thefamous London Jewellery School. Once the rings are completed they will be sent off to be hallmarked and returned to you in a presentation box, ready for your big day.

For the day you will have the undivided attention of a fully trained, professional jeweller who will guide and support you through making your own, personal rings. Absolute beginners are welcome and absolutely no previous experience or creativity is required. The jeweller will help you make your perfect rings to any design, whether to fit alongside an engagement ring or to be worn alone. At the end of the day your rings will be sent off to get hallmarked and any engraving or stones you want added can be (extra costs maybe involved but are always quoted and confirmed by you first). It will then be presented to you in a lovely ring box, all ready for your big day. Upon booking you will have an initial consultation where you can choose your ring; size, shape and metal. There is a whole range of materials to choose from including silver, gold, white gold, red gold, platinum and palladium (which is very similar to platinum). There is also a whole range of different shapes and finishes. The Jewellery School will then order your materials and book your workshop date and all you have to do is turn up and make a a pair of truly beautiful rings. Youll even receive a bottle of bubbly for you to take home and celebrate!
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