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2 for 1 Living Dinosaur Experience Special Offer
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Location & Things to do
If youre fascinated by the mighty creatures that went extinct millions of years before the humans came along, youve probably seen fossils, skeletons and plenty more to do with them - but have you met a living relative of the dinosaur? Take a friend or family member and head on down to the wildlife reserve in South East London, where a friendly animal care professional will welcome you both, brief you on health and safety and give you a quick introduction. Then youll both be shown to the experience area, where a Bosc monitor lizard and a green iguana will be waiting for you. These incredible creatures have been around longer than we have, and youll get to feed them as you listen to their fascinating histories. When you pick them up, youll see just how heavy all that history is!

Upon your arrival at the centre, youll both be welcomed by a member of staff, who will take you through a health and safety briefing, and then an introduction to your experience. Youll be shown to the experience area, where youll both get to meet the lizards, find out more about them and get a chance to feed and hold them.
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