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Full Day Cookery Course in Cheshire for One
Hotel not included, Cheshire

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Location & Things to do
Commence your cookery day with a relaxed coffee and a chat with the chef about the day ahead. Move through to the kitchen to observe a professional demonstration - be sure to take notes as itll be your turn soon enough! Roll up your sleevesand get ready torecreatethe dishes youve just seen with the help and guidance of an expert chef.Finally, when you have finished cookingyou can settle down in the dining room to samplethe fruits of your labourwith a well-deserved glass of wine.

Upon arrival youll be met by the chef where you can have a coffee and a chat about the day ahead of you. Then youll head into the kitchen to watch the demonstrations of the dishes youll be making later in the day. After the demonstrations its your turn to have a go at recreating the dishes. With the guidance of an expert chef youre sure to pick up new tips and skills - improving your confidence in the kitchen in a fun and informal atmosphere! Once everything is ready you can settle down to taste the food you have spent the day preparing with a delicious glass of wine.

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